My Designs


Eco-Centric Cleaning

The client is passionate about green cleaning & being eco-friendly. The goal was to project imagery that felt clean, fresh and connected to nature.  The font Dancing Script was chosen to soften the page & feel flowy like a natural breeze.

Shape dividers of waves are used to invoke the feeling of water and cleaning.


Colorado Property Connection

An independent realtor wanted a simple, clean site to show the beauty of Colorado without the look of a big, flashy real estate company. Transparent overlays on images are utilized to save space.

Soft images and colors are used to convey a feeling of trust and comfort.


Pisces Molecular Lab

The challenge: Present an extraordinary amount of scientific info without it being overwhelming. I used accordians, cards and tabs with pop-up modals to accomplish this.

Client tests water samples so I chose deep blue color scheme.


Fitness Instructor Site

Client wanted a high energy site with colors and images to excite people into taking her fitness class. Needed blog page with several posts as well.

I chose bold colors and several calls to action to maximize user interaction.